Sooo…hello, again?

So yes, the dilemma is real. I’m still trying to figure out what to post and what to share here. In as much as I love watching dramas, I have a hard time writing all my feels in one post because I tend to delay it until all the feels and thoughts are gone.

I thought of just deleting this blog and just focus on tweeting all my feels in a certain drama, but I disregard that thought. Why not re-branding? Then I realized, what would I re-brand when this blog hasn’t even established anything. Hayy

2016-12-15 (13)

I just want to cry and all. Because I really want to make a blog out of my hobby: kdrama watching but because 1) Reality sucks; 2) I’m lazy, I think this is a hopeless case.

Hay, well, I need to really find time if I ever want to keep this afloat. Well, beginnings are always hard but eventually (and I hope) this will pay off. This will be worth it.

Fighting Zelle!!

2016-12-22 (1).png


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