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Wow. I thought I could commit in running this blog but realize it was hard. There wasn’t much time for me to spare in coming up with a review or just random post about the dramas I’m watching or actors I’m fantisizing (char). I salute those recappers or people who runs their blog religiously.

Currently, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is the only korean drama I’m watching and sadly, I’m about to watch its final episode (sad sad sad). I will be trying my luck on The Liar and His Lover, just to satisfy my Joy cravings hahaha! I adore Red Velvet’s Joy after watching her stint with BTOB’s Yook Sung Jae in We Got Married.


My heart~~

For the past months, I’m proud to say that I’ve finished a number of korean dramas aside from those dramas I’m “currently” watching at that time. So here’s a somehow quick review or update from it.

Tomorrow With You. It may not be as consistent in terms of story flow and there are some flaws in it (what drama doesn’t have one, eh?), I adore this drama. I try to be in their shoes and somehow, I get why they do what they did. Lee Je Hoon‘s Yoo So Joon and Shin Min-Ah‘s Song Ma Rin are adorable as a couple and I love their moments when they opened up to each other about the things that bothers them or just anything they wat to express to each other. Plus, I love the OSTs however melancholy they are.

Voice. I already prepared a draft review for this drama but just got no time to write it here. So anyways, for me, Voice kept me on the edge of my seat whenever I watch every episode. There are still questions and cravings I wanted to be answered or fulfilled but overall, I’m satisfied with how it ended. Kim Jae Wook is splendid I’m at loss for words. Another thing that stood out in this drama is how the OSTs were incorporated so perfectly in drama. It was not overbearing or out of place, they just amplified the feelings the scenes call for (either to creep you out even more, to intensify the thrills, or to just feel with the characters).


Chief Kim. Daebak. I want to give myself a pat on the back for deciding to watch this. It’s a great choice. Every week, I always look forward to watch the episodes as I know that it will give me a dose of good vibes I need. It always bring a good laugh for me with how hilarious the drama is. Take note, the comedy doesn’t feel like forced but it was something that make this drama stood out and it was its identity. Another thing this drama is good is how they dealt on the characters and their relationships with each other. You feel like after watching them, you got to meet such good friends that you know would be there if you encounter some obstacles in life. (Also, what does Nam Goong Min can’t do? Hm)

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Goong/ Princess Hours. I decided to watch this precious gem. Honestly, I skipped parts of the drama and just focused on watching the blossoming of Shin and Chae-Gyung’s relationship. Even if time has passed, the drama still has its magic and the feels I once felt before, it was still there, never changing. And truly, this is a classic. My ticket to kdramaland.

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Jealousy Incarnate. Oh this drama. I asked myself why did I stopped watching it before (honestly it’s because I’m overwhelmed with the feels of Reply 1988 that I dropped all the dramas I’m watching at that time). What I love about this drama is it felt they are answering the questions that come up in my brain. I always love Gong Hyo Jin but it was Jo Jung Suk that made love this drama even more. He made his character Hwa Shin relatable in so many ways. And yes, the OST is gold. Hahaha!

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We Got Married- Yook Sung Jae and Park Sooyoung (Joy). These adorable puppies!! I know, it’s a variety show but yep. They are the first couple I watched in WGM and I think I made the right choice to watch them. They just gave me so much happiness by just watching them. Yes they are only virtually married and all maybe scripted but I hope they still have communications even just as friends (my shipper heart). Well, I never thought I would cry buckets in their last episode. Now, I’m sad again.

I dropped Introverted Boss because for some reasons I can’t connect with the show and honestly, I’m affected on the reviews/comments I’ve read about it. Maybe if time permits, I could still try to watch it.

I still have three dramas I haven’t finished since last year (Goblin, W- Two Worlds and Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds). I can’t drop them but I’m just having a hard time picking them up again. Honestly, this is weird of me, but how much they are popular affects me and I regret not watching it during the times when it’s still starting to be popular. Yes, I want others to appreciate kdramas but for some reason, if so many people raves about it, I kind of don’t want it anymore. I don’t know why I’m like this?!

So well, if there’s a will, there’s a way they say, so I would really strive to find time to update this and share whatever is on my mind right now relating to korean drama (and maybe kpop? BTOB!! or just anything related to it). Though I’m more active in my twitter (@zwiterelle). So there!


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