Currently Watching 02.26.2017

My initial plan was to finish my backlog of kdramas from 2016, starting with W. But having been in a hiatus kind of made me lazy into watching dramas as of the moment. So I extended my hiatus for another before going back into watching again.

I don’t necessarily abandon my initial plan, I just uhm want to find my groove again so I watch some of the currently airing korean dramas this month. First would be Tomorrow WIth You starring Lee Je-hoon and Shin Min Ah.


It’s already on my to-watch list from the time the casting and filming were still on-going last year. My anticipation from this drama went up another notch after watching its trailers which are soo good and intriguing. The premise is that LJH is a time traveler who happened to visit one of his timeline where he died along with SMA and he wonders why they both die on the same day. I just finished episode 7 and I’m really enjoying the drama. The romance and the mystery are there. My only complain is how dark/ gloomy the colors used though I like the cinematography of it.


The second would be Voice (OCN). I’m not really a fan of crime/ police procedural type of korean dramas, but once in a while I would try one or two dramas with this genre to somehow take a break from the usual rom-com types. Voice is about Jang Hyuk’s Moon Jin-Hyuk and Lee Ha Na’s Kang Kwon-Jo’s chase of the serial killer who is responsible to the deaths of their family member. Currently I’m on episode 11 and I’m really itching to see what will happen once they meet the killer. I have to give props to this show as they are really suspenseful and somehow gory (though I think they will tone that down a bit after being issued about the censorship in the show).

I’m still checking on Chief Kim and  Introverted Boss. Somehow, Chief Kim got me hook in the first episode (it’s a plus that I really like watching Nam Goong Min on my screen hahaha. He was hilarious before in Beautiful Gong Shim though he can be a scary serial killer like in The Girl Who Sees Smell). I’m still testing the waters in Introverted Boss. Honestly I’m affected with the first few episode reviews of other people though I checked Episode 10 and well, I liked it and Yeon Woo-Jin is really doing a great job in portraying the introvert boss Hwan-ki.

So yep. Haha. Annyeong!



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