W- Two Worlds: The Start


Song Jae-Jung’s  latest drama is about two people from different  worlds meet when a mysterious incident linked them together. The premise may look simple on paper and we know that this has been used time and time again in the drama world but what separates this drama from others is the way it touches on the subject of creator vs its hero.

I picked this drama again after stopping on episode 14 [I was at that time marathoned Reply 1988 and I got invested with it emotionally that I dropped all the other dramas I’m currently watching at that time. I had a hard time getting over with Reply 1988 haha] because somehow I’ still curious what would be my feeling about how this drama would end even if I already know some bits about the ending. And honestly, I liked the drama back then and it’s such a waste if I won’t watch it till the end. So yep.. the start.

Instead of picking it up at episode 15, I decided to watch it from the start so that I could appreciate and understand it better. I think I made the right choice as the first episode still gave me the same impression I have before: amazement.


The drama began by introducing the main character, Kang Chul (Lee Jong Suk) who was once the young guy who won the Olympic Gold Medal in Pistol Shooting before being tagged as the primary suspect to the murder of his family. Then we were introduced to Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo), a Resident Doctor at the Thoracic Surgery Department of Myungsae Hospital who happened to miss 10 phone calls from their supervisor whom they tagged as “Crazy Dog”. She frantically ran her way to his office only to be told by Crazy Dog’s discovery of her being the daughter of the famous Oh Seung Moo who created “W” wherein…wait for it… Kang Chul was the main character.

I liked to think that the drama is well casted and I can’t think of anyone else playing their roles better than them. What I admire in the drama is how the director and the people behind it were able to create two distinct worlds, the webtoon’s and the real world. If you look closely there is a difference in the tone/hues of the two worlds. And I’m most especially amaze with this:


Yep. Truly. It’s a plus that Lee Jong Suk has that webtoon feel because of his facial features which gave off that kind of charm. I mean, he really is like a webtoon character! :O

I don’t know about you guys but I laughed at Yeon Joo’s expression on the first episode. Maybe because I can relate to her and how her lines can describe what my life is right now.

As for the chemistry, I could feel it even what they only had in this episode was that simple eye contact and you know right there and then they have this connection already. As Kang Chul said..

2017-02-08 (1).png

So far, this episode got me hooked once again and I know I’m in for that rollercoaster ride of feels this drama would give. So yeps! 🙂

Episode rating: 5/5




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