Update: Break time!!

Wahh.. I'm sorry again. I promised to post as much this 2018 but fails to do so in the first month. I'm way behind the reviews I'm planning to write and wasn't able to update on what I'm currently watching. I don't have any excuses for this lack of professionalism. It's just.. stuff came up in … Continue reading Update: Break time!!


Fushigi Yuugi did this. Ahh~~

I didn't realize how much I missed seeing updates about a manga or anime I loved until this happened. Ahh my heart! ❤ ❤ Yesterday, while I was browsing my news feed in Facebook, I chanced upon this particular post in which it featured a fanart of the four priestesses from a popular anime. This … Continue reading Fushigi Yuugi did this. Ahh~~

Unspoken Feels: Juggling a Double Life.

Life is already hard. Having a double life is even harder. And I ask myself, why did I get myself into this kind of situation. And I will always come up with a conclusion that reality really sucks [most of the time] and I just really need a safe haven where I could escape to, even … Continue reading Unspoken Feels: Juggling a Double Life.

2017: The Slump and The Shift

Before anything else, I just want to greet y'all a Happy New Year! ❤ This may seem a bit negative to describe how 2017 may have been for me, nevertheless it was still a year I will always remember as it holds some of the memorable surprises in my fangirl life. Hehe (This gonna be long … Continue reading 2017: The Slump and The Shift

Currently: Where Have I Been?

I know. I know. I'm really sorry guys. Honestly, I don't really have a solid reason why I was away for a month. It's just that this month, I am so busy with work which is a miracle to be honest. And all I did in that sudden hiatus was to rewatch Because This Life Is Our … Continue reading Currently: Where Have I Been?

[Review] Because This Life is Our First

Its introspection about relationship, marriage and life is what makes Because This Life is Our First a delight to watch. Let me be honest with you guys. I really had a hard time writing a review for this. Not because it's not a good drama, but it's the other way around. It was too good that … Continue reading [Review] Because This Life is Our First

Hold On! Wait!

So. Wait. Inhale. Exhale. Hoo~~ Okay. Here goes. In a few minutes, the penultimate episode of This Life is Our First will start and I just need to do this before that because feels~~ I’m really holding myself back because I want to reserve the things I would want to say for the final review … Continue reading Hold On! Wait!

Currently: What’s Up, What Stayed and What Not?

It felt like Reality and being a Fangirl are two things that can't coexist. It's pretty hard to juggle two things at the same time. But oh wells, as they say, if there's a will, there's a way. WHAT'S UP? Hi y'all! I'm really, really sorry for the lack of updates. Aside from work, I'm kind … Continue reading Currently: What’s Up, What Stayed and What Not?

Unspoken Feels: Parents(Reply 1988)

Anything about family, I will really cry. Like ugly cry. It always hits me right in the feels. Pasok sa banga ganern!  “Mothers tend to be the ones you missed the most whether they’re dead or alive.” -Sung Dong-il I remember looking at her face and imagining her getting old, and it's breaking my heart. Because, … Continue reading Unspoken Feels: Parents(Reply 1988)

Currently Watching: Too many and I just can’t keep up. ^O^

It's been a while since I watched so many currently airing dramas. I was in a drama slump for the first half of the year, only watching a few dramas. I was hesitant to start shows at that time, only waiting for feedbacks about it. There are times that even if I waited for a … Continue reading Currently Watching: Too many and I just can’t keep up. ^O^